Play in Schools


Make your school a playful school

We help schools interested in installing The Scrapstore PlayPod® – a process that transforms play at lunchtimes. We can also put schools in touch with playground designers.

Scrapstore PlayPods™ have been successfully used in around 100 schools nationally, leading to:

  • Happier children
  • Significantly fewer incidents and accidents
  • Children returning to class ready to learn
  • Empowered lunchtime staff
  • Positive parental responses

Every Child Matters

Scrapstore PlayPods™ encompass the majority of Every Child Matters outcomes and involves the engagement of the whole school community through a process over approx five months.

The process is school led and includes consultation, training, preparation and evaluation to support it’s effective adoption within the school environment.

Loose Parts

It is known that the greater the range of experiences that are presented by a play environment the more children will naturally explore and learn through play.

The vital ingredients for these experiences are loose parts: attractive, flexible materials which children can readily change, manipulate and control for themselves.

The Scrapstore PlayPod™ provides a fully accessible and controllable environment for children to play how they want to. These elements lead to a high level of ownership which is a powerful ingredient in providing a positive play and learning experience for a child.

If you can’t see the video of the Scrapstore PlayPod™ in action go to: youtube.

Further Information

Nicola Butler, Director, Hackney Play Association, 020 7729 4664. Email to nicola.butler at